3 Reasons Why Instant Internet Lifestyle By Lee McIntyre Is a GOOD Product

We all have dreams of having financial freedom, free time to travel and do the things that we really love with recession looming and people contemplating working from home and working off a laptop, this is a very good option but when going in search of those dreams online you soon begin to realise that there is so much advice, tips and techniques out there who do you listen to after all we all have concerns that the next person or product maybe a scam.

So let me tell you about “Instant Internet Lifestyle” this is a product that may change all those perceptions and actually help you understand how to make money online and build a business doing it.

Let me tell you 3 reasons why Instant Internet Lifestyle is as good as most people make it out to be:

1) It offers a route out of your 9 to 5 job, not having to answer to a boss or if you just lost your job a way to generate income online, explaining the tool that will help you set up an online presence and work on a business, which you can work from home but Lee McIntyre the creator of this product also clearly states that in the beginning you have to put the effort in to see the rewards and he leads by example.You get tips on how to leverage your work, your time working smart not hard.

2) The hardest step is knowing where to start and how to start trying to figure this out on your own can become harder and harder, this is where Instant Internet Lifestyles content is so valuable you get Information that is suitable for total newbie or even an already existing person with an online business focusing on a niche, product creation is what the focus of the videos are about but there is so much more.

3) If you need an unbiased and ethical way of making money online the “Instant Internet Lifestyle” is the Information product that provides valuable content that will point you in the right direction, you will benefit from learning Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, JV promoting, generating traffic and much more also how to build a reputation as an expert and a person of authority with your online niche. Within the Instant Internet Lifestyle you get to see real testimonials of Internet Marketers that have learnt from Lee McIntyre and are living the Instant Internet Lifestyle.

It also come down to how serious and committed you are to making a success of the underground techniques you learn from the videos that come with Instant Internet Lifestyle but taking action is the key.

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Web Video Formats

There are 2 main web video formats that you will want to deal with when putting up video on the internet. One of the first web video formats is SWF. SWF (pronounced “swiff”) is a flash video format that is very popular on the internet. Whenever you see videos online that are in flash video, more than likely it is an SWF video.

One of the other web video formats is FLV. FLV is the format that YouTube uses to stream its videos on their website. FLV is just very easy to work with and like SWF, it is flash video. Plus, FLV videos are extremely small in size and retains a lot of the original video’s quality.

In the past the only options you had to place a clip up on the net was with AVI, WMV, and MPEG formats. You had to wait until the entire clip downloaded in order to view it. There was no streaming video that you could use to view a clip as it loaded while it was playing. Plus, these traditional formats are huge in size, and makes downloading videos a hassle.

If you’re planning on uploading video onto the web, you will want to stick with the SWF and FLV web video formats. Now that you know what web formats you should use to upload your clips in, let’s discuss some of the reasons and benefits that using flash offers you. Knowing some of the reasons will help you in your efforts to market your products and services. Here’s benefit number 1.

1) Popular

Sites like YouTube, Metacafe, and Google Video all use flash to deliver their content. Users have gotten used to watching videos in flash format as YouTube has trained most consumers to get used to viewing this type of video. The bottom line is that users prefer an easy to use format of watching videos, and flash video offers that to users. Here’s another benefit.

2) Downloads fast

There’s no more waiting for an entire download to finish with flash video. With flash, you can watch the clip as it loads. This offers immediate gratification to the user and this is exactly what they are looking for. Here’s another benefit of these formats.

3) Audio quality is preserved

The audio quality on flash video is still left intact and the audio file is still left in pretty good shape. Whenever I convert my videos to flash, the quality is still maintained and the video is still pretty good.

These are all just a few of the qualities that flash video offers over traditional formats. The 2 formats (SWF and FLV) totally outdo older traditional formats by a long shot. If you’re looking to add video to your website, then I think that you should stick with solely using flash video.

This concludes my opinions about the popular formats and the ones that you should use. Hopefully you will use my suggestions to pick flash video over traditional formats so that you can manage your content better.

Good luck with using the popular web video formats to deliver your content over the web.

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Tips For Working At Home

These days many people are opting for the jobs, which can be done from the comfort of the home. Mostly house wives, elderly people and college students are engaged in this free work at home jobs. But there are also many people who prefer to work from homes rather than to go to the office. It allows them to work while being closer to their families.In the spare time of the day they easily can do some productive work that will fetch them money. Some people work for the companies that hire people to work from home for their outsourcing needs while others set up their own small home business and start working.Though one is working from home, he or she should maintain a routine and follow certain tips to provide quality result in time.- #1 Tip for working at home -Work at the same time everyday, with a strict schedule:
Try to work at the same time every day. This will save your time and will keep you focused. Though you are at home you should not forget that your work will fetch you money and that is why a dedication is necessary. With a proper schedule you can save a lot of time, which you can spend, with your family.- #2 Tip for working at home – Separate work area:While you work at home, you need to separate your work area from your living quarters from the very beginning. Even if you do not have complete separate rooms to work from, at least separate your phone and the computer into a partial alcove of your living area.- #3Tip for working at home – Limit distractions:Keep your children away from your working place. Avoid visitors, neighbors, relatives and friends while working.- #4 Tip for working at home – Take a break:Decide a particular time to take breaks. During this time you can go for a walk or even spend a little time with your children. A break always keeps the mind fresh.- #5 Tip for working at home – Take a long lunch:Take every advantage of work at home. Take a long lunch with your family. Spend quality time on the lunch table. This will not only make your family happy but also keep you fresh.- #6 Tip for working at home – Work in a network:As you are working from home you might not have any colleague or subordinate. So it is good to utilize the working networks. This will make you to get to know people who are working on the same things as you. You can get socializing opportunities within this network.- #7 Tip for working at home – Enjoy your weekends:Working from home should never alter the work and life balance. A proper holiday is necessary for every person even if they are working from home and not commuting to work everyday.- #8 Tip for working at home – Ask for regular feedback:Ask for a regular feedback from your clients or the organizations that you are working with while you work at home. This will help you recognize your mistakes and keep you motivated for improvements.- #9 Tip for working at home – Focus on the goals:Work with your clients to identify a clear goal and objective. Work in a planned way to meet that goal.

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